France – Chamonix – 2014

Plan Joran gondola lift

The Plan Joran gondola lift is an essential part of the Grands Montets ski resort, nestled in a listed natural site. It offers access to the ski area at altitude and offers an exceptional view of the Aiguille du Chardonnet

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In 2014, the Grands Montets ski resort was completely refurbished. A large-scale project whose main focus was the creation of the Plan Joran gondola lift; it replaced the Plan Joran and Plan Roujon chairlifts on a longer route to become the main route, a more fluid and comfortable route, to the high-altitude areas from the village of Argentière. Although overtaken by the Lognan aerial ropeway, the comfort and capacity of the latter are lower, and it is now a secondary ropeway in the area.

Plan Joran gondola lift raised the capacity from slope-side Argentière to 3,920 people per hour.


In this protected area and fragile ecosystem, from the construction site to operation, the Plan Joran gondola lift was designed to blend into the site in a sustainable way.

Plan Joran is an example of POMA's expertise when it comes to combining technical performance with respect for sites within their ecosystems.


Plan Joran

In Motion





2315 m

Difference in elevation

895 m


3200 people/ hour



6 m/s

Number of cabins


Number of passenger per cabin


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For the project

Environmental approach

The Plan Joran gondola lift ensures a high level of performance while respecting this listed natural site. An expert team, led by an environment project engineer confirmed the absence of the solitary butterfly caterpillars before the work started. Concrete column casting and heliporting were carried out in two operations to allow a species of black grouse native to the Alps to finish their breeding period naturally.

In addition, the environmental impact was also reduced because the two ropeways consisting with 4 stations and 27 towers were converted into a single gondola lift with 17 towers.

Blending in

The bottom station and the garage represent an important complex whose architecture alternates between wood, glass walls and concrete. This means that the building is bright; a model of blending in successfully with the slope-side Argentière area.

Mobility link

The Plan Joran gondola lift is the first section of the chain created with the Grands-Montets aerial ropeway to access the top of the ski area and the Aiguille des Grands-Montets, which, from its peak at 3295 metres, offers an exceptional panorama of the Alps and the Mont-Blanc range.


The Plan Joran gondola lift is a main route that must remain open every day of the season, regardless of the weather conditions. The 84 cabins are stored in the garage during bad weather nights using a very efficient system allowing them to garaged in and out very quickly – 25 minutes is enough to get them all inside! So, whatever the weather conditions, the operation of the gondola lift can be started very quickly. In addition, a made-to-measure workshop has been installed for the regular maintenance of carriers in optimal conditions.

Custom cabins

The Plan Joran gondola is equipped with 84 Diamond cabins offering a very high level of comfort with the choice of leather chairs, the back rests of which are embroidered with the logo of the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc, and metal bars inside for your skis.

Line extension

As for the rearrangements, the route of the Plan Joran gondola lift has been extended by 600 m to allow access to the Croix de Lognan, which is now direct and gravity-based; skiers no longer need to take two chairlifts

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Plan Joran gondola lift

The Plan Joran of Grands Montets is a clear demonstration of POMA’s innovative capacity in the face of high environmental challenges, in this natural sanctuary of Mont Blanc. Safety expertise, compliance with deadlines, whatever the weather, and the excellent quality of the final product put us at the top of operational and technological innovation.

POMA Marketing Director

Christian LAVAL

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Plan Joran gondola lift

The performances of the Plan Joran gondola lift make it possible to replace two 4-seater detachable chairlifts dating from 1986, to offer a capacity of 3,200 people/hour, for a journey of 2.4 km. And to conclude, I am delighted to tell you this very significant anecdote of POMA’s high concern for environmental issues:  Did you know that in order to obtain authorisation to clear the sight, pointer dogs had to be transferred to the site, with the Chamonix Hunting Federation, to confirm that no protected species of birds were present!  Operational consequences: the casting was carried out by helicopter with a large lifting sling to avoid the fir trees bordering the existing forest path!

POMA Sales Manager


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Plan Joran gondola lift

Our ready-to-pour techniques avoid heavy installations, and the pre-assembly, which allows us to perform the tasks in the best possible ergonomic conditions, enhances safety for workers. Thus, the bottom station was built in one morning, and the top station installed without having to create an access track. We spend less time at the site, reducing exposure to risks, and allowing us to keep to our deadlines. All of these operational innovations allow us to adjust to weather uncertainties and demonstrate to our customers that we honour our commitments.  In this sense, Plan Joran is a genuine laboratory of operational innovations that required confidence and constant dialogue with our customer and the authorities concerned.

Project and Supply Chain Manager, POMA

Philippe LAVILLE

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