POMA opened a Brazilian subsidiary in March 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, a megalopolis with 6 million inhabitants. POMA’s Brazilian establishment represents the vision and commitment of the Group: being out in the field, close to our customers and local inhabitants to better understand their culture, natural surroundings and their social, economic and political life.

site__III0572Constructions that serve the people

Recognized for our expertise and know-how, Poma do Brasil has already worked on major constructions in different sectors:

  • The renovation of the Sugarloaf Mountain aerial ropeway at the entrance to the Guanabara Bay (tourism).
  • The construction of the Complexo do Alemão urban gondola lift (urban).
    This is a true technological feat that uses 6 stations with 157 cabins. This urban gondola lift opens access to 5 peripheral Rio de Janeiro suburbs and connects them to the railway network.
  • A major innovation in transportation system intermodality, this is a world premiere!


A leader in material-handling transportation installations

  • The AngloGold ore aerial ropeway
  • The Rio Branco (Votorantim) limestone aerial ropeway
  • The Apiai-SP (Camargo Correa Intercement) limestone aerial ropeway
  • The FlyingBelt (suspended conveyor) for limestone at Barroso-MG (Holcim)

POMA do Brasil uses has become the professional reference for material-handling transportation. We use local representatives, both public and private, to meet the grand expectations that this country has to develop ropeway transportation solutions (aerial trams, Automatic People Movers® and industrial ropeways).

POMA do Brasil's daily commitment

  • Customer-focused & Expertise
  • Long-term social and economic responsibility
  • Commitment and Availability



Avenida Rio Branco N°99 Andar 7
20.040.004 Centro
Rio de Janeiro JR
Tel : +55 11 97525 3207