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In the mountains, from skiing areas to urban connections, POMA offers transport solutions to support the development of a precious ecosystem

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POMA, expertise

developed in the heart of the mountains,

A pioneer of ropeway transport solutions since 1936, the inventor of the first fixed-grip ski lift and the first detachable grip, POMA offers everyone smooth and sustainable transport, in the heart of the snow-capped mountains all around the world.

POMA climbs mountains with its high-performance ropeway systems, with a sleek design, which are fast, silent, ecological and comfortable, in harmony with their natural environment.


Aware of the current challenges resorts face, POMA supports their development with innovative solutions, enabling skiing areas or their valleys to be connected, combining sustainable transport, tourism and urban travel.


As such, POMA reaffirms its position as a committed partner, setting the tone for the future: one where the mountain both provides enjoyment and takes responsibility, and is attentive to its visitors, residents and the environment.


to support the activities of those who make the mountain special

Rethinking mountains and access

Tourism is becoming more diversified, the aim being to create more links between the high mountains, the middle mountains and the valley. This involves supporting the entire ecosystem of a region, where environmental requirements are inextricably linked to a socio-economic approach, and where improving inhabitants’ quality of life is crucial.

Valley lifts are interconnected with the valley’s transport systems, which give access to the mountain in a fast, easy and fun way, and are a low-carbon public transport solution to the issue of mountain pollution.

Similarly, the systems connecting a resort’s different levels and sites meet transport needs within and around urban areas. Through their experience in urban ropeway transport, POMA has designed systems suited to intensive use, which remain silent. In both the city and the mountains, POMA is the partner of choice for the implementation of transport systems for commuter or mixed use.

Domaines Skiables POMA

Skiing areas

Expanding a skiing area, opening new slopes or replacing systems to improve comfort and performance for users as well as operators…
Very much the backbone of any skiing area, each ropeway system is now more than just a means of transport, becoming the centrepiece of a site or sector. Resorts are vying with one another to be the most innovative in order to make a good impression and offer the best customer experience. As a result, in addition to the technical and capacity requirements, serious thought is also given to the aesthetics of gondolas, chairs and stations.
In addition to product expertise, POMA also supports resorts by employing a customised approach to make each project unique.

Year-round transport

In addition to skiing, which remains the main focus, additional experiences are being added to meet new customer expectations. Resorts are aware of this, and are innovating to offer new activities to non-skiers, such as snowshoeing, sledging, child-friendly infrastructures, mushing, wellness activities, special events, etc. More broadly, resorts are upgrading their facilities as part of a global development strategy to remain attractive in all seasons, while respecting the environment and promoting their region. POMA is supporting resorts in terms of ropeways and eco-friendly transport to connect the sites where these new activities take place and offer environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

Rethinking mobility in the mountains will require assisting ski resorts as they undergo a more profound transformation from winter sports resorts into mountain resorts based on an eco-friendly model.

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over 3000

customers and resorts have put their trust in us, in 60 countrys


9 of our customers

are among the top 10 most beautiful resorts in the Alps

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of the 40 most popular resort in the world use POMA equipements

POMA’s strenghts

In the mountain mobility

Supporting resorts through innovation

In France, as in the rest of the world, technological biases are the reflection of trends
in this sector for more efficient mountain services to meet the needs of skiers, but no longer just skiers. POMA's innovative solutions are for all those who live in, visit and respect the mountains.

Innovating to benefit users

POMA innovates to support the development model of tomorrow's resorts, characterised by a combination of economic, urban, tourist and environmental requirements. Serving passengers from an ever-increasing variety of backgrounds: families, complete beginners, skiers looking for new and increasingly connected experiences – safety, performance and comfort are also a priority when it comes to transport expectations.

Combined with a wide range of services for tourists, in an effort to offer new activities to non-skiers and continuously evolve, POMA helps resorts completely transform their facilities. For resorts who are looking for new ski runs and smoother traffic flows, with quick and easy access between skiing areas, the challenge lies in creating unique experiences for customers and tourists… and ensuring they return.
The systems are designed to make the very most of the space available at resorts. Ergonomics and capacity are watchwords, and a calm environment is highly valued, especially when it comes to loading and unloading novice skiers and people with reduced mobility. The numbers of visitors to these redeveloped areas speak for themselves.

Innovating to benefit operators

While the comfort of the user is paramount, the ease with which a technician can operate or maintain a ropeway system, like the comprehensive management of a fleet for an operation manager, is far from being a secondary consideration. POMA's innovations simplify operations, becoming quasi-intuitive, so that staff can focus their attention on welcoming customers. Today, with the deployment of advanced technologies and the smart use of connected objects, POMA has solutions for monitoring and anticipating operations.
The profession is going digital, with the aim of achieving ever higher levels of safety and greater ropeway uptime at all levels. POMA's software and business applications are now available via an easy-to-use online platform, Skadii, offering a single point of access for more efficient resort management, not just for a fleet of ropeway systems, but also for snowmaking, snow grooming, weather-forecasting services, staff training, ticketing, car park management, etc. It's a breeze!

Make the most ofland realities

Operators turn to POMA teams not only to install new equipment, but also to manage the entire life cycle of their ropeways. Environmentally sustainable by nature, it is possible to move all or part of a system in order to create a new one in line with new needs.
Ropeway renovation experts at POMA work closely with customers to design the most suitable solution. Transformations are adapted to the age and condition of the ropeways in order to guarantee that the machinery is in compliance with safety standards, and to improve the performance and comfort of the ropeways.
There are many advantages to this method, including a reduced maintenance budget and fewer administrative procedures. It increases the availability and initial value of ropeways while giving the site a more modern image in the eyes of customers.

Our Ranges


in the snow and mountain market

& expertise

Because over the past 80 years, the POMA teams have carried out the most innovative and challenging snow projects in difficult environments and extreme conditions, we now have all the experience and expertise needed to run the project. Our technologies are proven and our teams are constantly innovating to ensure the reliability of our systems and all the ranges of solutions offered.


With our commercial and industrial subsidiaries, we are as close as possible to the resorts, as responsive as needed, whether for the study of new projects or for operation and maintenance support, such as the delivery of spare parts or on-site technical support.


POMA has mastered all ropeway transport technology, to apply to the mountain environment. On the ground – inclined elevators and funicular railways – as through the air – ropeways, gondolas, chairlifts and surface lifts, POMA designs and manufactures a range of monocable and multi-cable systems that meet all the requirements of ski operators. POMA offers a wide range of systems and configurations according to your capacity, speed and layout requirements, designed for all new installation projects or adaptations of existing equipment.


POMA designs and installs ropeway transport systems for its customers but also supports them throughout the life of the systems. Systems, products and equipment are designed, developed and produced on the basis of an industrial standard that ensures the technological continuity of POMA. It guarantees maintenance and the durability of the installation for customers;

Moreover, POMA has a large stock of important spare parts and a database of drawings and records supported on all its systems. Some of our installations have been around for over 40 years!

Growing since 1936, the POMA Group is a solid company, with proven ropeway transport devices worldwide, in all environments and for various uses.

Our core business

POMA relies on its expertise and proven technology to offer systems with ever more innovative configurations and support the development of tomorrow’s resorts, which combine to meet economic, urban, tourist and environmental requirements. Our latest additions, the Symphony cabin, EVO cabin and Premium chair, offer unique technical and aesthetic qualities and multiple customisation options.

Our installation’s around the globe


American Eagle

United States – Copper Mountain, Colorado – 2018

How the west was won: the American Eagle is the first TELEMIX® ropeway installed in the United States by the POMA Group. Passengers settle into one of the six-seater chairs and eight-seater gondolas to reach the top of the slopes or the high-altitude restaurant.



France – Courchevel – 2018

The Les 3 Vallées company entrusted POMA with the construction of the new emblematic gondola lift of Les Grangettes. A true link between Courchevel Village and Courchevel 1850, the gondola lift is operated every day until 11 pm. It is a busy link and has opened the door to peri-urban rope transport in the mountains.



Russia – Arkhyz – 2018

Northern Caucasus Resort is continuing its development project, which began in 2011 in the Caucasus mountains, and has an impressive 10-seat 3.8 km gondola lift with 3 sections on its north slope.



Meihuashan Lift-1 et 2

In China, the Meihuashan gondola lift is a valley elevator at the heart of a year-round tourism project


Treeline Cirque

United States – Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows (California) – 2019

Leitner Poma of America, a long-standing partner of the Alpine Meadows ski resort, replaced the 1996 Hot Wheels fixed-grip chairlift this year with a new higher-performance 4-seater detachable chairlift, and took the opportunity to improve the route.



France – Loudenvielle Peyragudes – 2019

The “Skyvall” gondola lift is a link between the village of Loudenvielle, with its lake and its recreational spa, and the ski resort of Peyragudes. Since the summer of 2020, it has helped improve the year-round appeal of this beautiful valley in the Pyrenees.


Ski Indoor Dubaï

United Arab Emirates – Dubai – 2005

The Souk Al Nakheel fixed chairlift is the main installation of Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski centre of its kind in the Persian Gulf region, and the most famous in the world.



China – Cuiyunshan – 2017

A superb 6/8 Telemix®, combining 6-seater chairs with protective hoods and 8-person Diamond cabins, was deployed in Cuiyunshan, a new station near Chongli, four hours by road from Beijing.


Diablerets Express

Switzerland – Diablerets – 2018

In French-speaking Switzerland, customer and operator comfort was the primary focus of the Diablerets station restructuring project. The eponymous gondola lift therefore replaces a chairlift to enhance skier comfort, and is equipped with a SmartBoard control console to ensure optimum operator comfort.


Vanoise Express

France – La Plagne (Savoie) – 2003

The emblematic ropeway of the Vanoise Massif mountain range gave rise to the vast Paradiski skiing area in 2003. It held the record as the biggest cabin in the world until 2016.


American Flyer

United States – Copper Mountain (Colorado) – 2018

The American Flyer may be the world’s longest bubble chairlift; in any case, it is the longest one manufactured by the POMA Group on American soil.

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Core Activities

Urban Mobility

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and low-cost, ropeway transport overcomes the problems of urban congestion by creating overhead connections between urban and peri-urban zones, and by complementing or extending the existing transport networks.

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Rising to the challenges of transport

in the cities of tomorrow

We need to come up with sustainable urban transport solutions today that solve the problems connected to the expansion of towns and cities: congested networks, residents travelling further, rising population density, increasing energy consumption and pollution, isolated suburban zones, and land scarcity.

Ropeway transport opens up a third dimension: by operating overhead, it escapes the constraints that apply on the ground, travelling above the city and creating connections where other modes of transport cannot go. Since it uses little space on the ground, it fits perfectly into cities, where it reduces journey time for its users.

Quicker and easier to install in a dense urban zone, ropeways and gondola lifts have already been identified by the city of tomorrow as the new, eco-efficient mode of urban public transport.

In New York, Toulouse, Algiers, Nizhny Novgorod, Medellín, and Taipei… all over the world, urban ropeways make sense.

With their dedicated sites integrated into the network,

ropeway connections support cities in their development

Feeder and Multimodal Transport

Ropeway solutions are an unbeatable form of intermediary or last-mile transport. Both their routes and their transport capacity adapt closely to real needs. With a capacity of up to 6000 passengers per hour, urban ropeways are an eco-efficient solution for managing growing urban passenger flows.

They are easily integrated into the existing public transport network and can be interconnected with traditional systems (bus, metro, tram), as demonstrated in Medellín, Algiers and Toulouse, enabling overhead connections to isolated zones, with a positive socio-economic impact.

Urban ropeways are the innovative solution to make areas accessible and improve existing transport infrastructures by strengthening the network.

Overcoming obstacles

Ropeways are a unique form of transport, because they are not affected by natural obstacles (rivers, the sea, slopes and relief) or urban obstacles (buildings, roads, railways, electric lines), including congestion on existing routes. An innovative system that uses the 3rd dimension, gondola lifts and ropeways travel above the city, to create urban connections where other modes of transport are limited.

Introduced to overcome obstacles, as in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) or Toulouse (France), POMA’s solutions create connections that are free of the constraints that apply on the ground.

Our urban projects

in motion

Overhead transport:

The ideal urban mobility solution

When additions are needed to a transport network, urban development plans are increasingly integrating ropeway solutions. These meet public transport needs by offering a sustainable option, thanks to their multiple environmental and planning advantages.

Urban ropeways and gondola lifts require little land. They can operate above any obstacle and fit into a restricted space.

They not only alleviate traffic on the ground, they also need just one motor to move an entire line of carriers on a rope. Moreover, there is no risk of collision with other route users. Because it needs very few support structures on the ground, ropeway transport preserves natural spaces and enhances life in the neighbourhoods it serves.

It is more than just a safe, fast and low-cost means of local transport: it also offers magnificent views to urban passengers.

télécabine urbaine Nijni Novgorod POMA
Télécabine urbaine POMA Bab el oued
Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue
Metrocable POMA Medellin
Metrocable POMA Medellin
Metrocable POMA Medellin
Metrocable POMA Medellin
Téléphérique urbain New York POMA
Téléphérique urbain New York POMA
Eco-friendly and silent:

An advantage for cities

All over the world, ropeways are becoming an increasingly relevant solution for managing growing passenger flows in an environmentally friendly way.

Faced with the saturation of urban road networks and traffic pollution, it is essential to modernise the urban transport offer using environmentally responsible and sustainable mobility solutions. In addition to the specific characteristics of ropeway transport, POMA is constantly innovating to improve energy optimisation.

The innovative DirectDrive® motor offers three advantages as part of a comprehensive eco-responsible approach: greatly reduced energy consumption, no hydrocarbon consumption, and finally much less noise pollution.

Additional green energy sources, such as solar panels on the cabins, are easy to integrate, to reduce the system's consumption.

In terms of operation, the line's speed can be adapted to optimise flows and the associated consumption. This is done using real-time data transmitted to the system's controls.

Furthermore, urban ropeways are silent, for the comfort of both passengers and locals.

The POMA advantage

Ropeway transport systems and infrastructures can also be dismantled and moved, which makes the solution reversible and flexible.

Overcoming obstacles

thanks to state-of-the-art technological solutions

Both on and above ground, POMA's technologies can complement and be integrated into public transport networks.
POMA LANDWAY solutions are designed to develop systems over short and medium distances. Be they APMs, inclined elevators or funicular railways, ropeway transport solutions on the ground have a large passenger capacity and offer excellent comfort.
POMA AIRWAY solutions are suitable for extreme level changes: a unique advantage. They are ideal for the most complex urban layouts and for heavy passenger flows. POMA airway solutions can be developed on separate sites or to complement existing transport systems, and they integrate perfectly into multimodal networks.

Our ranges

POMA’s expertise

in service of urban transport

Transport for


It is essential to interconnect with existing transport networks and create new urban connections if we wish to overcome current and future traffic problems. POMA solutions fit into city centres to offer complementary and intermodal transport that facilitates mobility.

Optimising and managing access to all peri-urban zones, connecting an isolated neighbourhood to the city centre: POMA’s solutions improve everyday life by providing an intelligent, reliable and sustainable solution that serves everyone. Municipalities that already have ropeway systems observe that this new, low-impact transport method is a key tool in their sustainable, inclusive and economic development.


Ropeway transport can be integrated into an efficient multimodal plan: ropeways or gondola lifts are connected to other transport methods (trams, buses, cycle lanes, etc.) or facilities (car parks, stations, etc.), sharing multimodal stations when the building allows it, or via connected structures. Users of ropeway routes that are integrated into the public transport network can make a complete multimodal journey with a single ticket.


journey time

Urban ropeway transport operates within a completely separate space. By using the third dimension of the urban environment, it offers consistent journey times.

The total absence of interference from other types of traffic (pedestrian, road, rail) allows smoother and faster journeys, even at busy times. In contrast, the average service speed of traditional urban transport methods (cars, buses, taxis) is becoming slower every year.


To cater for diverse passenger types, the transport is made accessible to everyone and their equipment, such as pushchairs, bikes, suitcases with wheels, etc.

The platforms, carriers, and all elements of the user experience are designed around the needs of different passenger types, particularly people with reduced mobility. POMA works together with local users’ associations, particularly those for people with reduced mobility, to develop the best adapted facilities.


Given that the carriers cannot collide with one another or with any other form of transport, ropeways are the world’s safest transport method, after air transport (1.28 accidents per 100 million journeys). The cabins are even equipped with video-surveillance systems, intercoms and other communication systems.

The level of safety is comparable to that of air transport. For aerial trips over areas that cannot be accessed by the public (railway tracks, motorway junctions, rivers, etc.), the systems are configured with an additional emergency mode (“recovery” mode) allowing users to be returned to stations in all circumstances. Over more than 80 years, POMA’s ropeway transport systems have proven their reliability. Availability rates regularly exceed 99.5% on our urban ropeways configured for extreme weather conditions (wind, storms, etc.), which aligns them with the performances of interconnected modes.

Comfortable and

attractive for tourists

The design of the cabins provides ample room for passengers, seating, and reduced noise and vibration. The journey through the sky offers particularly pleasant views. A comfortable, quiet journey during which passengers can enjoy the scenery makes travelling attractive.

With cabins in the city’s colours and integration of stations into the urban landscape, there are distinct and characteristic urban choices for every line, creating an identifiable attraction for the city.

A light infrastructure

The installation of railways, bridges and other heavy infrastructures requires lengthy, complicated and costly work, whereas integrating overhead lines into the existing public transport network is quick and inexpensive.

POMA’s systems are easily integrated into dense urban environments, thanks to ultra-compact elevated stations requiring less than 25m² of ground space.
Similarly, the line structures (towers) can be configured to take up an average of 5m² on the ground, or spaced as in Toulouse, where just five are required for a 2.8 km route. This low land use makes the projects easier to integrate into the city. What’s more, implementation is very quick (12 to 24 months for most urban ropeway lines), thanks to the use of off-site pre-assembly techniques. This saves a considerable amount of time and reduces the duration of disturbances from works, keeping life in the neighbourhood pleasant. Gondola lift stations can provide a connection with a metro or bus station, and can be located in an existing building, for optimal urban integration.

Enhancing and

developing areas

Boosting the attractiveness of the area or allowing economic hubs to develop around the stations by optimising the available space… In the age of compact cities, ropeways free up land. They also increase the possibilities for creating connections between residents in different parts of the city and make the life of a neighbourhood more dynamic. The stations bring the area alive, attracting new local shops, redeveloped public spaces, parks, and sites dedicated to associations and culture.

Sustainable transport

This decarbonised, silent, 100% electric mode of transport is a perfect fit for the energy transition, because it requires just one motor to pull a whole line of carriers, and a single brake system, as well having as other systems to optimise its energy consumption. France’s Grenelle I Law has identified it as an effective alternative to help combat greenhouse gases.



Urban ropeways offer great operational flexibility (number and size of cabins, speed, frequency, etc.), which means the costs can be adjusted according to the requirements and constraints of each city. The maintenance is also financially advantageous, with checks being done at night, or at the same time as other essential operations for the cabins.

We have developed a range of digital solutions to assist with the operation and maintenance of the system.

11 key points

of urban ropeways

To summarise, the advantages of ropeways

for urban transport are:

• new possibilities for commuting and easing congestion in cities
• high transport capacities with a guaranteed journey time
• accessibility for people with reduced mobility, bikes and pushchairs
• overcoming urban obstacles (watercourses, motorways, railway lines or significant elevation changes)
• easy integration into existing transport networks and the landscape
• 100% electric transport that is decarbonised and has a reduced environmental impact thanks to its light infrastructure and short construction times

Urban Mobility

accorting to POMA

Wherever mobility, organisation of movement and development of community spaces are at the heart of the future of towns and cities, new projects are emerging. POMA won a tender for a magnificent ropeway system in its home city of Grenoble.


At POMA our experience sets us apart. Our technology has over 80 years of proven effectiveness, and has been installed in dense urban areas for forty years. We continue to innovate to offer increasingly environmentally friendly performance and to make our equipment less energy intensive. To do this, we are fortunate enough to be in a position to manage the entire production chain, as well as to operate many urban systems by promoting our Made in France ethos.

POMA Chairman

Fabien Felli
Transport par câble en ville


Our references around the world

in cities and metropolis

Santiago – Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – Santiago de los caballeros – In progress

The Dominican government has set up the SITS (Santiago Integrated Transport System) to support urban development in the country’s second-largest city, Santiago de los Caballeros. A soft and sustainable mobility service accessible to all is at the heart of the project and will include a monorail, bicycles, electric buses and a nearly 4 km long 12-seater gondola lift.


P Line – Metrocable

Colombia – Medellin – 2021

A social and economic link, Medellin’s Metrocable is the emblem of a city on the move. The 6th line of the metrocable took off in 2022 to extend its public transport network, serving sustainable and soft mobility


Los Alcarrizos – Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo – 2022

The city of Santo Domingo inaugurates its new urban aerial tramway line, the fastest in the world. The monocable system criss-crosses the sky over a 4.2-km stretch and serves four stations, offering a perfect soft mobility solution between the city centre and the suburbs.


Citadel of Namur gondola lift

Belgique – Namur – 2021

In Namur, Belgium, the ropeway connects the city centre to the Citadel Esplanade, flying over the river Sambre and the ramparts. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the experience of a silent trip with a breathtaking viewpoint. An ecological mode of travel, it blends harmoniously into its environment, by virtue of its modern architecture that respects the uniqueness of the site, and discreet line structures.



Equateur – Guayaquil – ongoing project

In order to improve the flow of daily traffic between Duran and Guayaquil, Ecuador’s economic capital, and offer an alternative solution for crossing the estuary, the local authorities have opted for ropeway transportation. Ecuador’s first urban gondola lift links Duran and Guayaquil, providing fast, smooth travel throughout the transport network for 40,000 passengers a day.



Géorgie – Chiatura – 2020

To retrofit its urban overhead transport system, the city of Chiatura chose POMA. Four small urban ropeways, developed specifically to satisfy the needs in terms of capacity and the constraints regarding distances, have replaced some (very) old Russian ropeways.


Tizi Ouzou

Algeria – Tizi Ouzou – 2019

POMA has developed a three-section aerial transport line with a total length of 5 km consisting of two gondola lifts and an aerial ropeway in Tizi Ouzou, a town located 100 km from Algiers.


Airtram New York

USA – New York – 2010

With the installation of this ultra-modern aerial tramway, POMA has provided New Yorkers with the most advanced technology in urban ropeway transportation. It is 960 m long and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan in just three minutes, passing over the East River in great comfort with unique views of New York through the huge windows on both cabins.



France – Toulouse – 2021

More than 8,000 passengers will board the cabins of the Téléo tricable ropeway every day. Part of the Toulouse Agglomeration’s transport network, it crosses a river and travels over a hill to link three major hubs of activity in the south of Toulouse: the University Cancer Institute, Rangueil Hospital and Paul Sabatier University.


La Réunion

Réunion Island – Saint Denis – 2020

POMA built the first metrocable in the Indian Ocean in Saint Denis on Réunion Island. It provides safe, fast and quiet travel, connecting strategic neighbourhoods and delivering a better service to the island.


Pereira Megacable

Colombia – Pereira – 2021

Pereira Megacable is the first urban gondola lift to be 100% integrated into the public transport system of the city of Pereira. It is also the first lift in the country to be equipped with a DirectDrive®.


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tourisme et loisirs POMA
Core activity

Leisure and Tourism

Original applications to help you enjoy new travel and discovery experiences

You have a concept ?

tourisme et loisirs POMA
And travel

becomes an experience

Making more of a site by improving accessibility, taking an aerial trip over a natural park while preserving its ecosystem, offering a unique view of an exceptional place, offering new experiences to visitors, exploring an amusement park, connecting a peri-urban leisure area, reaching an island resort in a gondola lift, discovering a unique panorama from a big wheel … POMA’s ropeway transport infrastructure is enjoyable, fun, unique and spectacular, and brings tourism into another dimension.

Beyond its transportation function, ropeway transport can help to reinforce the attractiveness of tourist and leisure sites.

More than just a transport link, it is now one of the key parts of projects designed to provide visitors with new experiences. Every day, POMA demonstrates its ability to take the visions of its customers into account when redefining or extending their offer


By adapting the technology to intense or year-round modes of operation, as well as to locations in sometimes exceptional sites, POMA takes on every challenge to design new visitor experiences, with sometimes extraordinary solutions that require expertise and experience.


to support Leisure and Tourism activities
télécabine touristique Chimelong

Amusement parks

The transport solution within the park means that its iconic attractions are only one step away!


Many amusement and animal parks have a gondola lift to make it easier to get around the site, especially for families. The new experience of discovering the park, its animals or its attractions from a new angle during an aerial trip will be popular with visitors. More than a means of travel, the gondola becomes a must-do for the visit.
And to stand out, in line with the theme of each park, there are numerous designs and custom options that enhance the journey through the air, such as panoramic glazing, glass floors, family cabins, semi-open structures, decorative lighting, etc.

télécabine touristique POMA Beijing

Accessing a site

Ropeway transport installations quickly spread from the mountains to facilitate access to historic or tourist sites situated in hard-to-reach high places, as seen with POMA’s project in Badaling, which, as early as 1987, opened up access to the Great Wall of China, or the project in Huashan, which climbs a steep slope with a significant elevation difference. They rapidly spread along the coasts too, linking sites over different sea inlets, on an island, as is the case in Sacheon or Mokpo in South Korea, or even in the heart of preserved tourist destinations, as is the case with the funicular railway of Enshi in China.

Gondola lifts and funicular railways are alternative and ecological solutions for fast access to observation points, tourist sights and attractions, places of worship and of historical interest… In addition, passengers enjoy an experience in itself during the trip: a unique and effortless panorama of the site.

télécabine touristique POMA vietnam

A different viewpoint

Sometimes travelling by ropeway is an experience in itself. An alternative to boat rides, hiking or road shuttles, a trip through the air with panoramic viewpoints allows you to discover a site, town or city in a different way. All the major tourist towns and cities now have increasingly impressive observation wheels. POMA is particularly well-known for its production of observation wheel capsules, which provide an enthralling experience, hundreds of metres up in the air.

Our installations

in motion

tourisme et loisirs POMA

Our ranges

Our references around the world

Our installations for Tourism and Leisure activities

Enshi Grand Canyon Funicular

China – Enshi – 2020

In the Enshi Grand Canyon, one of the most well-known tourist parks in China, POMA has built a funicular railway to open up a natural area with many hiking paths to tourists.



South Korea – Mokpo – 2019

With the Mokpo tourist gondola lift, POMA produced its longest ever span of rope between two towers and boasts the highest cement tower ever built for a monocable ropeway anywhere in the world. A breathtaking journey!



France – Beauval – 2019

With the “Nuage de Beauval” (literally, the Cloud of Beauval”), Beauval and POMA combined their expertise to design and build a gondola lift that is one of a kind in France. The gondola lift connects the panda and elephant areas to the lion kingdom in just a few minutes. In addition to being a great mobility solution within the park, it also offers a unique experience in France for the 1.5 million annual visitors who enjoy fantastic views over many areas of the park, aboard gondolas with glass flooring.



Taiwan – Taipei – 2006

The Maokong gondola lift is located in a historic area of the Taiwanese capital, connecting Taipei Zoo and Maokong. It is one of the largest in the world, spanning four kilometres. Ensuring the synchronisation of its 5 sections and the interconnection of its 6 stations constituted a true technological challenge.



Algeria – Tlemcen – 2018

The Tlemcen gondola lift that connects the city centre to the Lalla Setti Plateau had been at a standstill for four years when it resumed service in 2018. The arrival of the gondola lift was the source of great hope, as it represents a means of transport with high added value for Tlemcen, the ultimate tourist destination.


Vin Pearl

Vietnam – Nha Trang – 2006

In Vietnam, the famous POMA gondola lift from Vin Pearl flies over the sea to reach an island and its luxury resort.



Mexico – Zacatecas – 2018

The new POMA detachable gondola lift in Zacatecas takes passengers on a stunning journey over the historic centre of this ancient Mexican city, in one of the seven emblematic red cabins.



China – Zhuhai – ongoing project

In China, POMA has built the world’s first three interconnected tri-cable ropeways system (3S) for the Chimelong Group, the world’s 6th largest entertainment group.


Galala city

Egypt – Galala City – 2018

The tourist gondola lift of the new town of Galala City links the urban area to the luxurious seaside resort, travelling the longest stretch in the Middle East. Its glass-floored cabins offer an exceptional journey with a unique view of the superb desert landscapes that border the Red Sea.


Yen TU

Vietnam – Yen Tu – 2017

The Buddhist temples of the sacred mountain of Yen Tu welcome many pilgrims and tourists. In 2017, two new gondola lifts were built, including New Yen Tu 1, which complements the mobility offer by doubling the Yen Tu 1 gondola lift.



China – Huashan (Shaanxi) – 2012

POMA designed Shaanxi Taihua Tourism Ropeway Road, a gondola lift that transports tourists and pilgrims to the top of Mount Huashan, 2,120 metres away in the heart of China’s central Shaanxi province.

tourisme et loisirs POMA

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Core Activities


Innovating and rising to new challenges is part of the POMA group’s DNA

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the most extraordinary projects

With over 80 years of experience in ropeway transportation, the POMA group has capitalised on its technical expertise to develop unique know-how enabling the group to handle even the most exceptional projects.

Customised installations and large-scale works, regardless of the challenge, POMA can rely on its design office and engineering teams to provide tangible solutions for the project’s special features.

The key concepts when conducting a customised project are “agility” and “hand-in-hand cooperation with the customer”. The specific professional expertise of each subsidiary in the group comes into play at every stage and POMA also works with a qualified network of partners from all construction trades. This reliable process ensures that each project is a success, even the most complex ones.

special projects

where POMA can demonstrate all of its world-renowned know-how

Automated People Movers (APM)

APMs are automatic shuttle systems driven by ropes, moving along the ground or on a flyover. APMs are genuine intermodality transport solutions and are often used to connect different airport terminals together and also to connect terminals to car parks or a railway station.

Observation Wheels

POMA has taken part in creating the most impressive big wheels in the world: London, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dubai, Las Vegas, etc. World-renowned know-how in capsule design and manufacture.

Funicular railways

The funicular railway is the oldest rope-driven system, usually made up of two trains. Carriers on rails are pulled by a rope to enable them to travel along a slope despite the gradient. Funicular railways can be used as public transport in cities with uneven terrain, in some mountain resorts for skiing, for accessing ski areas or natural beauty spots, or as a means of transport within a single site, in industrial settings in particular.

Inclined elevator

An inclined elevator is a single carrier travelling on a slope along a track with rails, pulled by one or more ropes and balanced by a counterweight moving in the opposite direction.





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POMA’s strengths

in completing unique projects!

Project management in groups and consortiums

POMA is supported with external expertise from a large network of qualified partners. As leader for the groups, POMA consults professional experts with third-party expertise to bring the project to life.

POMA's global project engineering capability

To complete special projects, POMA relies on its tried-and-tested technologies while maintaining an agile operating mode. The group therefore innovates along the entire value chain, from engineering to assembly processes and from project support to financing. 360° support!


Advanced readiness levels for special projects

POMA has acquired solid technology readiness levels through major projects. The group has successfully completed more than 30 non-standard projects: observation wheels, APM, specific inclined elevators, a viewing tower, a funicular railway for scientific purposes, indoor skiing, etc. POMA is the partner of choice for the most ambitious projects.

Flexible organisation

POMA's organisation and size enable it to remain highly agile, deploying its teams in project mode as soon as an exceptional project requires it.

Our references around the world



France – Lyon – 2018

POMA carried out the special inspection of the iconic funicular railway in Lyon. During the inspection, its carriers as well as the drive station were completely renovated and upgraded in SIGMA’s workshops, according to the SYTRAL guidelines aimed at “providing users with an even greater level of comfort, while preserving the line’s historic heritage”.


Hong Kong Wheel

China – Hong Kong – 2014

POMA produced the 45 cabins for the Hong Kong observation wheel in China. The observation wheel offers spectacular views over the bay and megacity centre, both during the day and at night.


Ain Dubai

United Arab Emirates – Dubai – 2020

For the world’s largest observation wheel, commissioned for the Dubai World Expo, POMA built 48 outsized capsules, the largest and heaviest ever produced. The teams came up with evermore ingenious product development solutions and met a very high level of customer demand.



England – Brighton – 2016

POMA designed and manufactured the entire pod and drive system of the world’s tallest observation tower, known as the British Airways i360. A unique concept, located on the Brighton seafront in the south of England.


Shenzhen Observation Wheel

China – Shenzhen – 2020

POMA produced the 28 capsules of the observation wheel for the Chinese megalopolis of Shenzhen. Developed specifically to withstand a very hot and humid climate, they presented a real technical challenge, which the group’s teams managed to overcome.


Miami Airport

United States – Miami – 2016

Miami International Airport inaugurated its two APMs in 2016 and 2017. The two APM trains travel 375 m and carry up to 12,000 passengers per hour between the main terminal and terminal E.


Cairo Airport

Egypt – Cairo – 2012

The expanding Cairo International Airport, one of the largest in the Middle East, wanted a high-performance link to connect its three airport terminals and to provide access to the car parks and shopping centre. The specifications for the construction of the MiniMetro® were speed, silence, comfort, availability and also environmental considerations.


Liaison Blanc Blanc

France – Grenoble – 2010

“Liaison Blanc-Blanc” is more than just a funicular railway, it is a mini mobile clean room, ISO 6 classified, which connects the two controlled environment areas of the Grenoble CEA over 250 metres.


London Eye

England – London – 2000

Right in the heart of London, on the banks of the River Thames, 32 rotating capsules climb to 135 m, taking visitors above the rooftops of London for an exceptional view of the entire capital.


The High Roller

United states – Las Vegas – 2014

Caesars Entertainment has entrusted the POMA Group with the design and manufacture of the High Roller observation wheel capsules. A flagship attraction of “The Linq”, a new urban and entertainment district in Las Vegas.


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transport de materiaux Blondin hoover dam
Core activities

Transport of materials

POMA designs ropeway transport facilities for industries.

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transport de matériaux FlyingBelt adrianopolis
Ropeway, a concrete solution

for all industrial transport

POMA conçoit, fabrique et installe des systèmes de transport industriel par câble aérien ou au sol, sur-mesure et fiables.


Dans le respect des exigences des process industriels, des précautions que nécessitent les matériaux ou le matériel à acheminer, mais également des enjeux environnementaux du site, POMA garantit un transport adapté et performant.


En s’appuyant sur le savoir-faire reconnu d’Agudio, POMA fournit les solutions de transport par câble les plus innovantes, résultat de plus de 150 ans d’expérience et d’investissement dans la recherche et le développement.

Ropeway transport solutions

that meet your challenges
transport de materiaux en vrac FlyingBelt Barroso

Bulk materials and minerals

Flying belts or material ropeways are the ideal solutions for transporting bulk materials such as limestone or clay to their processing or production plants. All the more so when there is a need to travel long distances, on difficult-to-reach terrains or protected areas.

These alternative transport systems make it possible to carry large quantities of materials independently, while minimising transport costs.

transport de materiaux Blondin hoover dam

Unit load: heavy load transport

Cable cranes are effective for transporting heavy loads on hard-to-reach sites and large-scale sites, such as the construction of viaducts, dams. Aerial ropeway lifts constitute a suitable, effective solution for the construction or renovation of engineering structures in difficult environments (dams, viaducts).

Feasibility studies & renovation

For any new project, POMA carries out feasibility and pre-project studies for manufacturers looking for ropeway transport solutions. POMA understands the performance and safety objectives in order to offer the solution best suited to customer needs and compliant with the sector regulations.

If a ropeway transport solution is already in place on an industrial site, POMA can carry out a study of the existing system to propose an optimisation. The renovation of the existing system, in accordance with POMA’s industrial standards, guarantees the maintenance of the system for more than 30 years.

POMA’s strength

in the transport of materials

POMA’s ropeway transport systems find many applications in science and industry (mines, quarries, cement works, port areas, hydroelectric dams) thanks to proven intrinsic strengths: reliability, speed, sustainability, low-cost operation and maintenance, safety and durability.

Reliability and availability

When it comes to transporting materials in a continuous flow, over long distances or with high capacities in special environments, ropeway transport systems are an ideal solution. They adapt to all the constraints related to the terrain, whether it is irregular or difficult (significant elevation, crossing valleys or obstacles, etc.), or whether protected areas are involved.

POMA ensures reliability and high performance, through automation (specific software for the static and dynamic analysis of installations) and quality components.

Also capable of operating in extreme climatic conditions, in strong wind, at very low or high temperatures, the systems have high availability rates.

Personnel safety

The automation of the system also guarantees a high level of safety for the operating personnel, with collective safeguards.

Environmental protection

Ropeway offers a concrete solution for all industrial transport, while taking environmental issues into account.

  • Low visual impact on the site: the infrastructures are light, and there is no need to create new ones, unlike conventional transport systems (trucks, conveyor belts). In addition, they can be set up quickly and moved to different sites.
  • By using the airspace, the installation respects the site and its biotope. The system can be recycled at the end of its service life!
  • By replacing a fossil-fuelled transport system with fully electric transport systems such as ropeway connections, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.
    Consuming very little energy, ropeway transport systems can also generate energy for transport during the descent.
  • Reduced pollution (noise, dust, etc.)

System sustainability

A proven system technology, combined with regular preventive maintenance operations, enables POMA to guarantee the operation of the system for more than 30 years.

Low operating and maintenance costs

The operating costs of the system are kept under control thanks to low energy consumption, combined with exceptional reliability and a high availability rate.

POMA provides simplified, minimal and controlled maintenance by adapting an already-standardised ropeway transport system to a specific use, using high-quality components and implementing scheduled maintenance plans.

Our ranges

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POMA Leitwind Eolien
Core Activities


Technological innovation for sustainable energy

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POMA Leitwind repowering parc éolien
POMA and Leitwind,

two experts generating innovation

The companies POMA and Leitwind, a specialist in onshore wind power, associated to form POMA-Leitwind to design, manufacture and install the first multi-megawatt onshore wind turbines assembled in France.
With diameters of 42 metres to 101 metres, Poma-Leitwind wind turbines are particularly suitable for installations subject to regulated air space (‘RTBA’ radars and other low altitude network regulations in France) as well as wind farm repowering projects. Our DirectDrive® wind turbines with permanent magnet synchronous generators constitute a simple solution which has demonstrated extreme reliability.

POMA-Leitwind onshore wind turbines

addressing the issues specific to you
POMA Leitwind repowering parc éolien

Within RTBA limits – Very Low Altitude Networks

This is the maximum altitude below which equipment avoids interference, particularly from military and meteorological radars.
The wind power market is geared towards the development of wind farms with wind turbines that have larger diameters (130 m to 150 m), are taller (150 m to 180 m) and are as powerful as possible (up to 4 MW). This is in order to reach higher altitudes where the wind is more constant and stronger, moving away from the niche market of small turbines.

POMA-Leitwind opted to offer wind turbines that are within RTBA limits, ideal for creating new wind farms as they come under simplified administrative procedures.

In fact, for some configurations with the nacelle at a height under 50 m, simplified administrative authorisations can be obtained in less than 6 months.

POMA Leitwind parc éolien

Repowering (renewal of existing wind farms)

In an effort to provide services that satisfy energy needs better than ever while respecting the environment, POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are used as part of a process ensuring installation sustainability and optimisation through repowering. POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are an appropriate solution for renewing existing wind farms (those that have been running for 15 or 20 years) while staying at the same heights, diameters and power levels: 60 m to 100 m in diameter, 50 m to 100 m in tower height and up to 3 MW of power.

POMA Leitwind repowering parc éolien

Modular and Flexible

POMA-Leitwind wind turbines adapt to each customer’s performance requirements and constraints by offering the best possible combinations: generator power and rotor blade diameter, tower height, blade length and customisable options.
Even the most complex and diverse projects in the world can be successfully tackled with our state-of-the-art industrial tools combined with an agile manufacturing process.
The innovative modular design of POMA-Leitwind wind turbines is unique. It provides easy access to all parts requiring maintenance and allows parts to be replaced rapidly without dismantling the wind turbine assembly or even using a lifting crane.

POMA Leitwind parc éolien

Certified wind Turbines

For POMA-Leitwind, quality is a concrete requirement at all stages of production and for service. It is reflected in the choice of materials and the engineering processes in particular. The quality of the multi-megawatt onshore wind turbines has been approved by several international certification bodies (IEC certificates, Lloyds, etc.)


364 LEITWIND wind turbines

all over the world


495 MW

of total power rating


5.3 billion kWh

of clean energy produced


4.8 million tonnes

saved on CO2 emissions


24 million euros

in R&D investments

POMA’s strengths

in wind power


A patented DirectDrive® motor lies at the heart of the whole POMA-Leitwind wind turbine system. The direct connection between the hub and the generator eliminates the need for a gearbox (the nerve element of conventional wind turbines) and the associated lubricating oil.

The reduced number of rotating parts means that less friction is generated and operation is more efficient. POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are also suitable for less windy areas.
Moreover, maintenance is limited because there are no high-speed rotating components; maintenance costs are cut.


Customer support

POMA-Leitwind offers high-quality customer support in three essential areas: field assistance, repairs seven days a week and management of spare parts.

Field assistance comprises three main activities:

  • the ordinary maintenance that ensures wind turbine reliability by preventing any malfunction,
  • the extraordinary maintenance that corrects any exceptional anomalies or failures,
  • retrofits that offer the possibility of perfecting how the wind turbine functions or boosting its power, after an action plan has been approved.

The 24-hour monitoring is managed from the central monitoring station. Any anomalies are instantly detected and resolved remotely. If necessary, the operator is contacted to set up a problem-solving protocol and to schedule a possible on-site intervention by the field team.

The management of maintenance through multi-year “full scope” contracts protects the customer over the long term.


Research and Development

R&D is at the core of POMA-Leitwind with its design office specialising in wind power engineering. Every day, engineers work to make the systems more reliable, available and sustainable.

R&D is based on key skills:

  • Development of new products and continuous improvement of existing wind turbines,
  • The adaptation of products to market requirements to ensure availability and compliance with international standards and regulations,
  • Product customisation by providing particularly flexible modular wind turbines that meet specific needs,
  • Wind analysis to systematically optimise the location and installation of the wind farm.

 Wind turbines “Made in France”

POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are entirely designed and produced at HTI Group establishments, with vital parts being assembled in POMA's facilities in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes:

  • Direct drive generators (DirectDrive®)
  • Nacelles
  • Hubs
  • Power converters


Our references around the world



France – Saint François (Guadeloupe) – 2020

POMA-Leitwind handled the delivery, installation and maintenance of six 1.65 MW Hh48 class A LTW80 wind turbines in Guadeloupe. These machines replace 20 wind turbines installed in the early 2000s on the site of Fonds Caraïbes in Guadeloupe, the island of the French West Indies. The new wind turbines are designed to withstand cyclones.

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POMA Leitwind repowering parc éolien

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